Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? Playin' on KBOO!

Hello Friends, Family and Fans--

Where is Grandma Today? She's playin' on the radio show, Pathways, hosted by Paul O'Brien on KBOO radio in Portland-- but don't let this picture fool ya!

This lovely photo, taken by my second-born was snapped en route to the interview --which wasn't at the studio at all, but atop the gorgeous Avalon Hotel and Spa overlooking the river!

Which proves that you just never know where you'll end up when you go out into the wide, wide world to promote your book! (Now if I just could have stayed for a massage and a body wrap...)

So here's the link to my first radio interview. Enjoy!!

You can order "Who Are You Calling Grandma? True Confessions of a Baby Boomer's Passage" on

Keepin' it Grand,


Friday, August 21, 2009

Welcome to "Where Is Grandma Today? Oh, the Places You Will Go!

Welcome to "Where Is Grandma Today?" -- the blog that takes you along on the "Gramatically correct" as well as the "Gramatically incorrect" adventures of author Maridel Bowes. Continuing the irreverent, honest, "made you laugh" voice of my book, "Who Are You Calling Grandma? True Confessions of a Baby-Boomer's Passage," we'll visit the mindscapes, spiritscapes and landscapes of the Great Escapade of our ever-evolving selves! I promise to keep it both real and provocative three times a week. (Well, at least two.)

"Oh the Places You Will Go!" wrote Suess, the Dr. of Silly. It's the perfect declaration for anyone who just gave birth to a child. My own children have taken me deep into the alternate universes of high school basketball, drumming, rock bands, graphic arts and marital arts. Like Oprah, one thing I know for sure: without the birth of my second son, I never would have morphed into a midnight groupie at Old Ironsides Bar in downtown Sacramento . (And without the birth of my first son, I wouldn't be writing this blog.)

I feel the very same way about personal evolution. "Oh the Places You Will Go!" when you embark on a path that, just like a child--has two things: your genes and a life of its own.

So where is Grandma this week? Why, merging progeny with promo in Portland! On KBOO radio, I did my "published grandma" shtick while visiting my offspring and talking about my relationship to their offspring on the air!

Here I am now with Pathways co-host, Paul O'Brien, ready to launch into a half-hour interview about the new era of grandmotherhood and (of course) my book!

The show will air in Oregon on Sunday, August 30 at 8:30 a.m.

And On Sunday I'll be back with a new pic and a hot link to the show! Oh, the Places You Will Go -- with me!

On the Path of All Things Grand,