Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? Up on the Roof Top!

Dear Family, Friends and Fans--

This is why blogs require photos!

If I just blogged away about how I went up on my friend's roof to paint,
no one who knows me would believe me. Especially my children.
For some reason, I've become physically bolder as I've grown older.
First it was snorkeling.
Then ziplining in the Hawaiian forest.
Even (finally) working out regularly.
Now rooftop activity.
Don't confirmed "indoor girls" become more so?
Is nothing predictable in this world?
It's not that I can explain it so much as I can surmise:
With the arrival of the 60's, (mine) I prefer to shock myself .
I prefer to keep my adult children off-kilter.                                   
I prefer to be "up on the rooftop" instead of just humming a few bars.

Some may say, "Oh, my! She'll do anything for a blog!" But it's not true. I'll do what I please to feel more alive than in any previous decade. Usually that's sitting inside writing my heart out. But today, it was
proclaiming my love of life from the rooftop.

Keeping it Grand,

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