Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? Getting a Reverse Makeover!

Friends, Family and Followers--

Ready for my Reverse-Makeover? Part of the psychology behind any makeover is the classic "Before Picture" which offers you a person not only compromised by a lack of attractiveness, but who is clearly unhappy about it. She looks anywhere  from bored with herself and her untoward state (at best) or disgustedly resigned (at worst). No, you wouldn't want to have dinner with "Ms. Before" even if she was buying.

But "Ms. After" has not only been re-coiffed and re-dressed, but has undergone attittude shock therapy. She's ever so pleased with her rampant progress, not to mention her cool new clothes. She's gone from "not" to "hot" and she knows it. You want to have dinner with her even if you're buying!

I thought it was time for some reverse psychology.


Ms.Before -- Roots et. al                                             

Ms. After -- Sans roots and charm


I rest my case!
Keeping it grand,

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