Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? On the Ladder!

Dear Friends, Family and Followers--

Oh, how I wish it was a ladder to the heavens -- you know, one of those star-sprinkley Flavia moments where your dreams are right at your disembodied fingertips. But, alas, my ladder stopped just short of the roof. And I was hot, sweaty, and wielding either a putty knife or a paint brush. In a canvas hat. All day.

Yet my little introverted self ,who would rather be inside writing on her little introverted laptop, was not without inspiration! And here it is: I love rain! I crave rain! I adore it! But not when I know that it's seeping into the walls of my lovely no-longer-mobile home. And so, in order to enjoy the coming rain like a glass of mellow cabernet, I had to face the ladder.

Accompanied by my friends, Sandi and Johnnie, and armed with caulk guns, paint, putty, a drill and the neighbor's hammer--out we went to nail, screw, putty, paint and pound this grand old dame of a home back into her winter coat.

Despite the fact that we didn't get done (though Johnnie worked in the dark after his Panda dinner); despite the fact that the project flattened all of us into a senseless stupor; and despite the fact that we shorted out six living room outlets and a lamp with a single nail, it was a rewarding day. We laughed, worked, and played together, creating the kind of camaradie that unsavory projects do when done well by people who love each other.

And ... the next morning, it rained.
I sat alone on my screened-in porch with my coffee and my smile.
I have to was heavenly!

Keepin' it Grand,

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