Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? Writing in the Forest!!

Hello Friends, Family and Followers!

Okay--so first of all, you're not falling for this "Today" thing right? "Where is Grandma Today?" is a great concept, but you're advised not to take it too literally. By the time I blog about something, it's usually the next day...or week. But hey, in cyberspace where you are, it's Today!

Secondly, I confess that I take poetic license with titles like "Writing in the Forest" because they sound roamantic (my bad typing just made a pun) and fit into the blog title bar. The real title would be "Where is Grandma Today? Staying at a Forest Service Cabin with Three Other Writer Friends Who Protect Her From the Mouse that Preferred the Cabin to the Forest." It's true. Everyone else got involved in successfully escorting the mouse back outside. I offered heartfelt support from the top bunk and later from the couch with my knees pulled up close to my chest.

I did, however, contribute to the project by regaling my friends with the story of the last time I was party to a mouse-in-cabin incident. My mother, my friend Cindy, and I were spending the weekend in a cabin when a mouse decided to make it a foursome. My mother and I hopped on the bed where cultured women belong while Cindy roamed the premises with a broom held over her head. (Yes, we had the audacity to laugh at our defender.) But then, whether you believe it or not (Cindy didn't) the mouse got right between her feet. The more we screamed, "It's right between your feet!!" the more she rolled her eyes and said, "I'm not falling for that!"

And now--because I'm a kind woman--I'm not going to elaborate about the time I ran from the bathroom screaming and with my underwear not yet returned to its proper position because a rodent was sharing the facilities. (Alas, the bathroom was right off the waiting room where my client was sitting.) "Oh," she said when I apologized for my behavior, "I just thought: there's Maridel expressing her feelings like she always encourages me to do!" Bad rodent. Good client.

Oh, and one more thing: I didn't actually do any writing at all. But I did read my writing to my writing friends which is just about the same thing, don't you think? It passes blog inspection.

Thanks Sue, Marsha and Candy for a fabulous beginning to our as-yet-untitled writer's group! I can't wait to see where all of you--and Grandma--go next!!

To All Things Grand,


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