Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where Is Grandma Today? Visiting the Tooth Fairy!

Hello Friends, Family and Followers--

Remember the Dark Ages of dentistry? Hot smoking drills? Spitting, gritting and leftover grit? And the seriously scary dentist? But look at me now! I've lived long enough for life to transform the dentist into the Tooth Fairy. She doesn't leave fifty cents under my pillow, of course, but she's just as magical. Meet Dr. Gabrielle (See? Angelic!) Rasi who makes my once-feared visit to the dentist frequently cross the border from pleasant to pleasurable.

Dr. Gabby is the friendly girl-next-door, but with state-of-the-art digital equipment, heated, vibrating chairs, an affable staff and most of all, a big heart. When I self-published my first edition of "Who Are You Calling Grandma?" and sent out postcard announcements, she responded with undentistly enthusiam and bought five copies for her relatives. So I thought it only right to take her the complementary new edition created by 3L Publishing. Time for "Where Is Grandma Today?" photo op!

Hey, I got another bonus on this visit! Ginger, the hygenist (whose name fleetingly reminded me of Gingivitis until her congeniality put a cap on the association) looked into my mouth and said, "You have quite an investment here!" Wasn't that nice of her? I didn't even know I had any investments, much less where to find them!

A Grand Nod to All Who Make Our Lives Easier,


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